Bryant, Arkansas


We love bright ideas. My son attends the 18/24 month class. He loves Ms. Rachel, his teacher. Turnover seems to be low which is extremely important to me. Age appropriate, separated play yards, daily sent home progress reports, and knowledgeable and educated staff on cognitive and physical development of children make this a win for our family.

Rating: 5.0/5.0
By: Sharon Lynch, Bryant, AR
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Sherwood, Arkansas


"I wanted to brag for a moment!  The field trip yesterday was a blast, kids were great Wonder Place was fun, all really went well, was glad I got to go!  Thank you for giving us the opportunity!!!

      Also I wanted to brag on Ms. Katrina...Will absolutely LOVES her and so do we!  I have noticed a BIG change in Will and his education since Ms. Katrina came on board.  Her honesty and care for these children just really makes my heart happy!!!!  He is always coming home excited about what they did in class, ect.  I feel we all are very blessed to have her, she is great and always willing to do whatever it takes to help our children learn and have fun doing so! 

      I fell in LOVE with Bright Ideas the moment I 1st stepped in and took a tour and I am super blessed to have found a great school for Will!  You guys keep up the great work!  Looking forward to many more years there!!!  Have a great day and thanks again!!!" 


Brittany Johnston

Memphis, Tennessee


I would like to say how blessed we are as a family to have found Bright Ideas for our children. To find a group of people who will help raise your child as closely as you would yourself is priceless. To know that these people will teach, guide, and love my children and to trust them fully, I think, speaks volumes about an Enrichment Center.  And a stellar learning center, just as this is, can only be upheld by the teachers and the support staff. Teachers like our beloved Ms. Keonya are a rare find. She sets the pace for her students learning and they respond harmoniously. The excitement from my son when he's going into class is only matched by the excitement of when I come to get him and he wants to tell me about what he experienced that day. The kids respect and cherish Keonya. My son has learned so much since last fall and has grown into a compassionate, respectful, ambitious child. All of these traits that he exhibits are because of Keonya's unselfish stamina to teach our children and prepare them for the world ahead. She is patient and a great listener. My son adores Keonya, as does the rest of her class from what I've observed. I think the children are a reflection of their teacher and her efforts.  My son's progress from toddler to young boy has been nothing less of phenomenal. Most of which can be attributed to Keonya. There is no realistic way to express our gratitude to all of the teachers and staff that equals their worth to us. Every teacher and assistant we have had care for our children whilst in their formidable years so far have been truly exceptional educators and/or guides for early life. Keonya while being exceptional has earned a place in my family's heart forever. 

The Keith/Seratt Family

Cordova, Tennessee


I have a four year old that attends this school, and he absolutely loves it.  He went to another school last year and wasn't as nearly as excited for school there as he is when he come to Bright Ideas.  The staff is very friendly and they are willing to answer any questions and address any concerns and issues that you may have.  In addition to that they are conveniently located in the heart of my neighborhood, what more cany you ask for!

by J Zanders