Days packed with activities

At Bright Ideas, we offer days packed full of activities.  All of our activities help the social/emotional, physical and academic development of children.  Children learn best when they are having fun and involved in the learning!

At Bright Ideas you will see...

  • Frequent, positive and warm interactions among teachers and children.
  • Children who enjoy themselves as they learn and play.
  • Planned activities and materials appropriate to children's age and development.  With appropriate materials and expectations, a program that helps young children learn how to learn.
  • A healthy and safe environment for children.
  • A clean, well-supervised program.
  • Communication with families.
  • Families that are involved in the program and teachers and staff that welcome your interest.  
  • Nutritious snacks and meals.
  • Enough adults to respond to individual children.

Infants (6 weeks to around 12 months)

Toddlers  (12  to  35 months)

Preschoolers (36 to 60 months)

School-agers (Kindergarten thru Sixth Grade)