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What our parents say about us....

                  Memphis, TN

We love bright ideas. My son attends the 18/24 month class. He loves Ms. Rachel, his teacher. Turnover seems to be low which is extremely important to me. Age appropriate, separated play yards, daily sent home progress reports, and knowledgeable and educated staff on cognitive and physical development of children make this is win for our family.

Rating: 5.0/5.0
By: Sharon Lynch, Bryant, AR
On: Yelp, 09/03/2015

"I wanted to brag for a moment!  The field trip yesterday was a blast, kids were great Wonder Place was fun, all really went well, was glad I got to go!  Thank you for giving us the opportunity!!!
      Also I wanted to brag on Ms. Katrina...Will absolutely LOVES her and so do we!  I have noticed a BIG change in Will and his education since Ms. Katrina came on board.  Her honesty and care for these children just really makes my heart happy!!!!  He is always coming home excited about what they did in class, ect.  I feel we all are very blessed to have her, she is great and always willing to do whatever it takes to help our children learn and have fun doing so! 
      I fell in LOVE with Bright Ideas the moment I 1st stepped in and took a tour and I am super blessed to have found a great school for Will!  You guys keep up the great work!  Looking forward to many more years there!!!  Have a great day and thanks again!!!" 
Brittany Johnston
Sherwood, AR - August 13, 2015

I w I would like to say how blessed we are as a family to have found Bright Ideas for our children. To find a group of people who will help raise your child as closely as you would yourself is priceless. To know that these people will teach, guide, and love my children and to trust them fully, I think, speaks volumes about an Enrichment Center.  And a stellar learning center, just as this is, can only be upheld by the teachers and the support staff. Teachers like our beloved Ms. Keonya are a rare find. She sets the pace for her students learning and they respond harmoniously. The excitement from my son when he's going into class is only matched by the excitement of when I come to get him and he wants to tell me about what he experienced that day. The kids respect and cherish Keonya. My son has learned so much since last fall and has grown into a compassionate, respectful, ambitious child. All of these traits that he exhibits are because of Keonya's unselfish stamina to teach our children and prepare them for the world ahead. She is patient and a great listener. My son adores Keonya, as does the rest of her class from what I've observed. I think the children are a reflection of their teacher and her efforts.  My son's progress from toddler to young boy has been nothing less of phenomenal. Most of which can be attributed to Keonya. There is no realistic way to express our gratitude to all of the teachers and staff that equals their worth to us. Every teacher and assistant we have had care for our children whilst in their formidable years so far have been truly exceptional educators and/or guides for early life. Keonya while being exceptional has earned a place in my family's heart forever. 

The Keith/Seratt Family

Memphis, TN – March 2015


I grew to love Bright Ideas in the short 5 months my son was there. The teachers and directors are amazing and made me feel like my son was in THE BEST care outside of being home. They interacted with him and taught him several important milestones! I miss them and wish I could move the center to MS.

Leia H.

I have had a lot of teachers. Every teacher & Ms. Anna & Ms. Melissa have always been so inviting and welcoming. I could not have found a better place for my first day care experience. The lessons that my child has learned will help him excel in further schooling. Thank you all @ Bright Ideas!

Kristen W.

Some people go above and beyond their calling. Today is Luke's 3rd birthday and due to a meeting that was scheduled I did not get to share my son's birthday with him at school. His teacher went above and beyond her calling by giving him a celebration at school. She did not have to do any of this. But she did and she even took pictures to capture each moment for me. Her actions bring tears to my eyes. She is truly one of God's good creations. Not just because of what she did today, but how she is everyday. I can truly say I am so very happy for her to be in our sons life. Because of her he was able to celebrate with all goodies I brought to the class. There are not enough thank yous in the world that can express how I feel. But I'll start with this one: THANK YOU MRS JENNI!!! FOR GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND WHAT YOUR CALLING IS. AND FOR THE LOVE YOU BRING NOT ONLY TO LUKE BUT TO EVERYONE IN THE CLASS!!! Bright Ideas in Bryant has a teacher that is truly a gift from God. YOU TRULY DO HAVE AMAZING EMPLOYEES. I can't even express the thanks.

Elizabeth W.

I am so happy that my daughter loves to go to school every day at Bright Ideas. I think it is because her teacher and the staff make her feel welcome and at home there and I am so appreciative of that. I never worry about her safety or her happiness while she is there and that is a wonderful thing for a mother to feel.

E. Pearson
Facebook Comment

I send a special thank you to Manika at the Bright Ideas in Sherwood. The move from Texas to Arkansas was harder than we expected especially for our grandson DJ. Manika was instrumental in bringing DJ out of his shell and helping him get his confidence back. His loves his Manika and so do we. Also I want to thank Glenda who continued the work that Manika started. We think the world of her as well. We have been blessed to have to such wonderful ladies care for our sweet boy

C. Baker
Facebook Comment

I am so very pleased with the care my son has received in his years at Bright Ideas. I reluctantly had to place him in daycare at 19 months old after being a stay at home mom. Now at age 4, I hate to think that in less than a year, I will have to take him out of Bright Ideas Ottercreek. I know I couldn't have chosen a better place for him to spend his early years if it couldn't be at home with me. I fully trust the staff at Ottercreek and know that any issue will be promptly taken care of. I have seen a lot of change since my son started there, but always for the better. Mrs. Amanda is amazing and keeps me fully informed of every aspect of his day! Mrs. Karen as well as all of the teachers he has had over the years, have always been very attentive to his needs whether it be educationally, physically, or emotionally. I'm proud that we are a part of the Bright Ideas Ottercreek family!

T. Harvey
Facebook message

The teachers are always very kind, understanding, and patient. I have a 3 year old. He has been in their care since he was 8 months. I appreciate the communication they consistently give and the feeling of my baby being well treated while I am working.

LR Washington
Commented on facebook

A teachers comments..
In the short time that I have been a part of the Bright Ideas team, I have come in contact with the most beautiful people ever.  The kids have inspired and taught me more than they'll ever know.  With these reasons alone it hurts me to say that I will be resigning from my position to relocate with my husband to Pennsylvania.  I do want to say that the experience has been exceptional to say the least.

Thank you,
P. McGahee

Bright Ideas has been a true blessing for my family. Tara is a wonderful director who cares about her staff, the parents and the children at the center. She has taken a personal interest in both of my children. She has gone above and beyond to build a great relationship with myself and many other parents. Tara and Heather have helped me so much as my family has struggled with my son's ADHD diagnosis. They have called me at home, after hours, to help give me information on resources available! I am sure that would not happen at other centers. Both Tara and Heather have been absolutely amazing and so very helpful. I cannot put into words how grateful I am.

I also have to brag on my daughter's teachers. She is 13 months old and about to move out of the nursery. All moms know how hard it is in the beginning to leave their newborns at daycare. However, as hard as it was, I knew that she was in great hands. Britney and Christy have been wonderful! I wish my daughter could have them as teachers until she goes into kindergarten. They honestly love her and my daughter loves them. There are times when she will not let me leave the center unless one of them is there. That speaks volumes about how they care and love the kids. They have always had her best interest at heart! My daughter has a respiratory disease and uses an emergency inhaler. I can trust that they are always watching her and ready to respond if needed. In fact, I forgot to send her inhaler today and they called me as soon as they heard the slightest of wheeze.

I am so glad that my kids are at a center with such wonderful people that are making a wonderful impact on our family.

I would also like to say that with any daycare center, issues will come up. I have been so impressed with how Tara has handled those issues. If I have a problem or witness something that I find unacceptable, Tara takes care of it! I know that whatever the issue is, it will not be an issue after she has been made aware of the problem. That is just good business!

by Alisa L
Bryant, Ark.

K. loves Ms. Genesis! Kaylee has been at Bright Ideas since she was 6 months old.  She loves to go to school and learn with Ms. Genesis.  I am amazed at how muchy she is learning.  As a teacher myself, I am very impressed with your program and Ms. Tara is a wonderful manager and person.  The staff truly cares for the children as they were their own.

by Angel W.
Bryant, Ark.

Great Place (review in

Great security, great teachers, great curriculum.  My 4 yr old loves going to school here. She can't wait to hug her teacher. I am very pleased with the work she is coming home with in her "Friday folder". Staff is very friendly. Would recommend this cente for someone who is looking for a "top-of-the-line" pre-k program.

by goodmum

Awesome Child Care Center

Posted by bisbeecrew on 09/02/2010

My 6month old daughter has been at Bright Ideas since she was 6 weeks old! I chose this one because it is very clean, LOVE the staff, they take such wonderful care of my baby girl! Not only the infant teachers but everyone knows my babys name they all talk to her and acknowledge her each and every time they see her I LOVE THAT!!!!! I tell everyone about Bright Ideas!


A great place to learn (review on

I have a four year old that attends this school, and he absolutely loves it.  He went to another school last year and wasn't as nearly as excited for school there as he is when he come to Bright Ideas.  The staff is very friendly and they are willing to answer any questions and address any concerns and issues that you may have.  In addition to that they are conveniently located in the heart of my neighborhood, what more cany you ask for!

by J Zanders
Cordova 9/20/10

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time at Bright Ideas, and will truly miss everyone.  I can't  say enough about the care my child has been given over the last 5 years, it has truly been a blessing to have my child at this center.  I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the success and development of TH, she has truly enjoyed attending school at Bright Ideas.  Good Luck in the future, Bright Ideas has really changed our lives.

S White
A very satisfied and grateful parent
Memphis 07/09

I just want to express how fortunate we feel to have the staff at Bright Ideas!  No parent wants to have to leave their child.  I know everyday when I leave my son that he is going to be very well taken care of.  He loves going "to school".  My son loves his teachers because he can tell that they genuinely care about him. I wouldn't take my son anywhere else.

- Tonya Raborn

I just wanted to take a minute to thank the Bright Ideas Staff.  My children have been enrolled in Bright Ideas for a little over a year now.  I have tried several different daycares and Bright Ideas is by far one of the best.  My boys have learned so much in their time here.  The teachers give the kids one on one time, they do different fun activities, and they also get the parents involved with everything that is going on.  I personally think they have some of the best staff in the area and Amy is the best director I have ever encountered.

Jennifer Miles
 Little Rock 3/09

Ms. Celita is always very approachable.  I know that I can come to her with any and all questions or concerns I might have.

- Makesha Jackson
   Little Rock

 I wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciated your time, and how wonderful a facility I think you are running. Everything was calm and so put together. I left with a very good feeling and confidence that any child we placed in your care at Bright Ideas would be well looked after and happy. It felt very good to have such peace about a potential daycare. You have helped put my mind at ease, like I am sure you do the many families you serve already.

-prospective parent after visiting the center for the first time

Congratulations Cordova Bright Ideas for receiving the 2009 Parents Pick Winner from Nick's Parent Connection. 



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