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Curriculum and Programs

At Bright Ideas, we offer days packed full of activities. All of our activities help the social/emotional, physical and academic development of children. Children learn best when they are having fun and involved in the learning!  
At Bright Ideas 
you will see...  


Frequent, positive and warm interactions among teachers and children.

Children who enjoy themselves as they learn and play.

Planned learning activities and materials appropriate to children’s age and development. With appropriate materials and expectations, a program that helps young children learn how to learn.

A healthy and safe environment for children.

A clean, well-supervised program.

Communication with families.

Families that are involved in the program and teachers and staff that welcome your interest.

Nutritious snacks and meals.

Enough adults to respond to individual children.

INFANTS (6 weeks to around 12 months)  

Bright Ideas strives to make the care of your infant be a “Personalized Care”. We give each infant in our classrooms plenty of individualized attention. The schedules and lesson plans are created for your child.
The infant classrooms at Bright Ideas are like a second home to our little ones. We invite parents to provide personal items to grace the child’s crib and family pictures that can be attached to the walls and crib sides. We feel that these items help the baby feel comfortable with the surroundings and ease the transitioning between family and caregivers.

As your baby grows, the classroom becomes a stimulating area in which to explore. The rooms and equipment are age appropriate, colorful and inviting.  Infants are enthusiastic in their learning so we provide a detailed curriculum to encourage their physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs.

A day at Bright Ideas Enrichment Centers is balanced to the needs of each infant. Napping, eating and playing are important times in an infant’s day. We let you and your baby set the schedule for those personal needs. We add the loving, caring and nurturing as we attend to the individual needs of your baby. The infant daily activity record helps us and you to track your infants progress on a daily basis.

The Health and Safety requirements at the Federal, State and Local levels are met with ease. We meet and exceed these requirements for the safety of those in our care. We strive to provide the best possible care for those who have placed their faith in us. 









Toddlers & TWO YEAR OLDS (approximately 12 months to 35 months)

At Bright Ideas Enrichment Centers we have created a world of exciting experiences for your Toddler. We know that these little ones are seeing the world in wonderful ways and need to be in an environment that will stimulate their minds and bodies. Our teachers will work to create a combination of personalized care and learning experiences.
The environment of our classrooms offers the different areas that balance the day for your child. Children learn through play, and we provide the atmosphere to exemplify that creativity in all children. We work to provide physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of each child

Dramatic Play areas provide for the role of pretending and playing.

Manipulative/Block area promotes the exploring pf physical relationships and developing coordination and dexterity. 

A large Motor area for large muscle strength and agility with climbing and exploring. 

A sensory area is filled with items to explore the world we live in.

Our outdoor play area is filled with large and small muscle equipment as well as all that the great outdoors has to offer to fill the child with the wonder we live in.

The  Pinnacle Early Childhood Curriculum is designed to engage children in developmentally appropriate activities that move them toward their potential as they explore and experiment with materials and activities in the classroom. Pinnacle Curriculum for toddlers provides activities that stimulate growth and development that can be incorporated into the routines of the day. Encouraging an atmosphere of caring, love, and hugs.

Pinnacle Curriculum provides teachers with fun activities to do with little ones all day
even during the “Radical Routines” of eating and changing. These Early Years are the Learning Years, and Toddlers Live to Learn.

PRESCHOOLERS (36 months to 60 months)

At Bright Ideas Enrichment Centers we begin the children on the road to reading, self- confidence and the love of learning. Preschoolers are quickly expanding their knowledge and mastery of the world around them. Preschool at Bright Ideas offers an enriched environment that nourishes each child’s individual development. We concentrate on the physical, intellectual, emotional and social
needs of the child.

Discovery Centers at Bright Ideas are divided clearly into learning areas filled with exciting materials and activities.

Science/Sensory for enjoying the basic concepts of simple materials such as plants, magnets and pets.

Dramatic Play for pretending and role playing.

Creative Arts, Music and Woodworking to explore the creative side to each child.

Math/Manipulatives with items to encourage counting, grouping and sorting.

Language/Library with reading and writing.

Outdoor Play areas for large and small muscle building and encouragement of learning about the world around us.

Health and Safety is always our number one concern. Preschoolers are active and adventurous and not always thinking of the safe or right way of doing things. We work towards teaching the children to be safe.
The preschool curriculum is one that teachers love. Quality childcare begins with quality programming. Pinnacle Early Childhood Curriculum and Leapfrog Schoolhouse is designed to engage children in developmentally appropriate activities that move them toward their potential as they explore and experiment with materials and activities in the classroom.

Schoolagers (Kindergarten thru Sixth Grade)

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